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I wrote this a long time ago... Jun. 4th, 2004 @ 03:28 am
A Love Story

The woman walked into the bar with a cold gust of wind. He looked toward the door instinctively and couldn't look away.
Her long, thin legs seemed to glow eerily in the smoky darkness in contrast to her very short, black skirt and knee-high, black boots. As his gaze traveled from the floor up, an image flashed in his mind. Naked flesh, sweat, moaning, heavy breathing; her legs around his waist. He blinked and it was gone, but he could still feel a memory of the fire it aroused in him.
His eyes leapt to her face guiltily. She was looking at him. Awkwardly, he turned back to his beer before she could see the color rising in his face.
Her footsteps seemed to echo even though the bar was full of loud, drunk individuals. It was almost as though he could feel her approaching, as if her presence was connected to his in some enigmatic way.
She slid onto the barstool next to his without so much as a glance in his direction. At close range, he saw that her skirt and boots were leather and her halter-top was see-through; she wasn’t wearing a bra. As the realization hit him, he jerked his gaze away, embarrassed.
"What’ll it be, lady?" the bartender asked her tits.
"Bloody Mary," she replied quietly. The sound of her voice turned him on in a way he couldn’t explain. As the bartender mixed her drink, she looked over at him. Her short black hair fell into her face and partially concealed her bright blue eyes. Her lips were the color of freshly spilled blood and her tongue flicked across them seductively. Passionate and erotic moans reverberated in his mind and he felt carnal shivers go up his spine.
He took another drink of his Budweiser.

She led him from the bar by the hand, but somehow his hand found its way to her ass and they were kissing, more than kissing actually. It was like their mouths fused together and their bodies became one. They didn’t even make it to his car, or hers, for that matter.
They turned into the alley beside the bar and went at it in the dark beside a dumpster. His hands went through her hair, under her shirt, up her skirt, everywhere. His sexual excitement was evident in everything he did.
Her lips traveled across his cheek and he moaned as they reached his ear. Her tongue teased his neck, traced circles down to his collarbone, then back up to his earlobe. She nibbled softly on his skin as he moved his head down to her breasts and his fingers explored her body.
Suddenly, she grabbed his hair roughly and pulled his head to one side. He didn’t have a moment to react before she bit him, hard, not intimately or sexually, but cruelly. Her teeth pierced his flesh, and he knew they were not teeth at all, but fangs.
Yet even as his blood flowed between them, he moaned in ecstasy, because it was not pain that he felt, but sexual fulfillment. And as he slowly lost his strength, his life, he felt more alive than he ever had before...

A few moments later, he opened his eyes and looked into hers, and he knew. Yes, he would be feared and hunted by most of the humans in the world. Yes, he would walk the Earth forever, searching for salvation as one of the Undead and never quite finding it. But he was a Vampire and he was in love.

YAY! Maree...i think i did it! May. 11th, 2004 @ 09:42 pm
http://www.livejournal.com/community/beneaththenightYou're Invited to Beneath the Night

User Pics May. 4th, 2004 @ 11:13 pm

If anyone is looking for a good pic to use, Beneath The Night moderators HIGHLY recommend www.kimnelson.com.au

This is particularly good for female members. Both Eva Faust and myself use artwork by this artist for our pics.

Example of Kim Nelsons work (Personal Favourite):

A lovely way to spend your day...: artisticartistic
The voice in your head...: The Best Things by Filter

Travelling Salesman- Peter Armstrong Apr. 19th, 2004 @ 10:56 pm

If you wish to see wonderful art...go to this site... http://www.promenade.freeuk.com/index.html

A lovely way to spend your day...: artisticartistic
The voice in your head...: A fuse growing shorter and shorter

Love is a five letter word...oh shit, i meant four...I MEANT FOUR! Apr. 19th, 2004 @ 09:47 pm
I...feel sick
So lets kick this thing off with a bang, we need stories people, we need story ideas...we need MEMBERS! Talented TALENTED MEMBERS! so if you are talented...join us...we will become one...in the great circle..of life...
thats just scary, new approach!
An old poem by me, just to start the ball rolling, and also to show off and recieve praise. ;) (kidding)

I do not shudder from this pain
This horrid feeling yet again
This mask I hold in my hand
Takes with it my long last stand
I hold it tightly to my face
I am lost without a trace
This flicker of light yields
Behind this mask with what it shields
Will slowly fade between these walls
No longer will you hear my calls
Death, with her hand upon my face
I will fall into her embrace
Without a cause or reason why
Except this pain, which I deny
I leap into this deep divide
Between all these rules we must abide
And I shall feel my fate set
With an enormous world of regret

its not very good...but one has to put one self out their in order to encourage everyone else. :)

anyway, buonanotte!
A lovely way to spend your day...: crazycrazy
The voice in your head...: the doors-hello, i love you
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